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What Is a Professional Order?

A professional order is an organization that the government has mandated to regulate and monitor the professional activities that may place the public at risk, even though each order's administration is autonomous.

In Québec, 46 professional orders regulate the profession of over 385,000 members. Doctors, dentists, lawyers and engineers, for example, are all in professions that are regulated by a professional order, which are set up in accordance with the Professional Code.

The main mission of a professional order is to protect the public—or in other words, all the people who use professional services in the various regulated areas of activity. It should be noted that it is wrong to believe that a professional order is an association that protects its members' interests. To be represented in this way, such members may join another organization that is separate and independent from the professional order.

The roles and responsibilities of a professional order:

  • To control its members' competence and integrity
  • To monitor the practice of the profession
  • To regulate the practice
  • To administer the disciplinary process
  • To promote the development of the profession
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