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The Barreau Protects You

Better served, better protected—the added value of dealing with a lawyer

When you hire a lawyer in good standing to look after your concerns, you are assured of being better served and better protected. In dealing with a lawyer, you can benefit from the wise advice of:

  • a professional whose practice is monitored by the Barreau du Québec
  • a duly trained and competent professional who is committed to updating his skills
  • a professional whose activities are inspected on a regular basis
  • a professional who is obliged to comply with a strict code of ethics
  • a member of the Barreau, bound by professional secrecy, who defends the best interests of his client
  • a professional who is covered by a liability insurance fund in the event of malpractice

What to do if you have concerns about a lawyer's actions or conduct?

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You have hired a lawyer and you have good reason to believe that he has committed a breach of ethics? Before anything else, contact your lawyer to ask him for an explanation. If the explanations he gives you are unsatisfactory, or if you cannot reach your lawyer, the Syndic of the Barreau du Québec can then help you.

The Barreau du Québec's main mandate is to protect the public. It must therefore look after discipline in the legal profession and ensure compliance with the code of ethics as well as verify the competence of its members and the people who want to join its ranks. Although the vast majority of lawyers provide quality professional services, it is possible that a lawyer has been incompetent in dealing with you, that he has violated a law or a professional regulation. You may then turn to the Barreau du Québec for help: You may contact the Barreau du Québec's Syndic.

Depending on the circumstances, this office will conduct an investigation and take action before the Disciplinary Board, if need be, so that if the lawyer is at fault, he can be disciplined.

The Barreau du Québec's Syndic's office is located in:

Bureau du syndic
445, boul. Saint-Laurent
Montréal (Québec) H2Y 3T8
Tel. no.: 514 954-3411
Fax: 514 954-3478

Québec City
Bureau du syndic
76, rue Saint-Paul
Québec (Québec) G1K 3V9
Tel. no.: 1-844-654-3411
Fax: 418 692-4407

Prevention and Ethics Information Service:

  • 514 954-3420, or toll-free at 1-844-954-3420

More information may be found on the Barreau du Québec's website.

How to check if a person really is a lawyer

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By making sure that the person has a licence to practise the profession as well as the training and competence required, you can avoid a lot of trouble. That is why you should always check with the Barreau before you start to deal with a lawyer.

Check whether a person is a Barreau du Québec member in good standing and has the right to practise as a lawyer:

  • By phone: 514 954-3411, or toll-free at 1-844-954-3411
  • By fax: 514 954-3464
  • By email:

Mention the full name of the lawyer you are considering hiring as well as that person's contact information.

More information may be found on the Barreau du Québec's website.

How to find out whether a lawyer has previously been subject to complaints

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Before you hire the services of a professional, regardless of his field, it is important to check whether he is registered with his professional order. These orders, which are regulated in Québec, by the Office des professions, serve public interest and can provide you with helpful information.

For example, at any time, the Barreau du Québec can tell you whether a lawyer has a disciplinary record—whether he has broken any rules governing the profession. In checking by phone or by email, you will be reassured. You will also be able to make sure that the person you are thinking about dealing with for your legal matters, and who claims to be a lawyer, really is one.

It's easy. Just phone the Barreau and ask whether the lawyer you are considering is a professional in good standing. This will help you make a well-informed decision and takes only five minutes of your time.

Check whether a lawyer has already been subject to disciplinary measures:

  • By phone: 514 954-3411 or toll-free 1 844 954-3411
  • By email: – Mention the lawyer's full name as well as his contact information.

More information may be found on the Barreau du Québec's website.

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