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Selection and Admission: Different But Complementary

Immigration in Québec comes under the shared jurisdiction of the governments of Québec and Canada. In order to immigrate to Québec, applicants and their families must meet both the selection AND the admission requirements.


Québec is responsible for the selection of workers wanting to settle on its territory. This selection is carried out by means of a set of criteria that Québec has established itself, based on its own immigration objectives.

An applicant that is selected receives a Québec selection certificate (certificat de sélection du Québec or CSQ)—an official immigration document issued by the Québec government.


Canada is responsible for the admission of workers wanting to settle on its territory. The Canadian government grants admission to Québec territory only to applicant workers that have been selected beforehand by Québec. To be admitted, a selected applicant must submit an application for permanent residence, and all applicants and their families must pass the required medical exam and background check.

For the majority of immigrants, it usually takes a number of months between the time that the Québec selection certificate (CSQ) is obtained and the Federal immigration visa is issued.

On their arrival, these immigrants obtain permanent resident status, giving them the same rights as those of all Canadian citizens, except for the right to vote and the right to obtain a Canadian passport. These last two rights may be granted, after three years of permanent residence, to immigrants who then submit an application for Canadian citizenship.

Additional sources and information:

Submitting an immigration application involves certain charges. There is a fee for the various services of the Québec government's Ministère de l'Immigration et des Communautés culturelles (MICC). The charges for a Québec selection certificate application as well as other costs may be found on the MICC's website.

Charges also apply when you submit—to the Federal government's department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)—your application for citizenship, for a visa or a permit, for permanent residence or other services. Consult the CIC's website for more information on the current rates.

You will have to pay both the Québec AND the Canadian charges.

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