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Marriage Fraud

Visa applicants
It is highly advisable for visa applicants not to get involved in a marriage of convenience, as their visa might be refused or they might be banned from travelling to Canada for the next two years. Moreover, this will remain on their record at Citizenship and Immigration Canada for the rest of their life.

If you are involved in a marriage of convenience and you come to Canada as an immigrant, law enforcement measures could be taken against you and the Canada Border Services Agency could deport you.

On the other hand, if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and you meet someone from another country on the Internet or while travelling, caution is a must if you want to marry and sponsor that person to come to Canada and settle here.

You will then have to financially support your spouse for the next three years, even if your relationship fails. You will also have to reimburse social assistance payments from the government, if your spouse is receiving such benefits and you will not be able to sponsor anyone else until that debt is repaid. It is important not to let yourself be tempted by attractive monetary offers or other gifts that you are offered if you enter into a marriage of convenience in order to bring someone to Canada. Serious criminal charges could be laid against you if you do so and you will nevertheless have to meet the sponsorship terms and conditions.

Further details on marriage fraud may be found in the section on fraud on Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website.

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