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In terms of family

Financial assistance for families

The governments of Québec and Canada have set up financial assistance programs for families. Eligibility requirements for these programs are based on various criteria, such as household (family) income, number of children and their age, or the particular personal or family situation.

More information on family assistance, family allowance and tax assistance may be found on the website of the Ministère de la Famille du Québec.

Childcare services

In Québec, it is against the law to leave a young child unattended. Various types of childcare services are therefore available.

The Québec government has set up a low-cost daycare program. Other measures may be added to this program, such as tax credits or a refund of childcare costs. You may choose from having your children looked after at a childcare centre (called a "centre de la petite enfance" or CPE), at a daycare centre or by a home childcare provider. If the services are subsidized, you can benefit from the reduced-contribution rate; if not, the rates are set by the childcare service.

How to find a childcare service

You may register with the childcare access outlet in your area: La Place 0-5.

Refundable tax credit

If you did not obtain a reduced-contribution place for your child, you might be entitled to a tax credit that would enable you to recoup up to 75% of the amount you paid for childcare services. You might also receive this tax credit in the form of advanced payments.

More information on the various childcare services available may be found on the website of the Ministère de la Famille du Québec.

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