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The story of Gloria and her meeting with Me Bienvenu

Gloria: Hello, I'm Gloria.

Me Bienvenu: I'm pleased to meet you. So? The adaptation period isn't too difficult?

Gloria: No, not at all. It goes so quickly. It's already a year that I'm here. I would like to stay in Québec to work and to live here.

Me Bienvenu: Yes. What is it that attracts you here? I'm always curious to have an opinion of Quebecers from someone outside.

Gloria: The people are friendly and there's a future in my field.

Me Bienvenu: Well, I'm glad that you like it…

Gloria: As I was telling you on the phone, I had started dealing with a counsellor to settle here permanently, but I didn't feel very confident in him… He told me that my file would be evaluated on the basis of about ten criteria and that with him and his contacts, it would be processed more quickly… I'm not sure that I want to study for my PhD, but he advised me to lie and say that I intended to work, that I had a lot of opportunities, because I was more qualified… It was vague; I wasn't really happy with the situation… And so then I decided to inquire further about my rights and obligations.

Me Bienvenu: I see. Well, you did right. It's not all wrong what he told you, but it isn't as easy as that. Even though you were given the hope that as a student, it would be easier for you… You do have rights, but they come with obligations. And you have to always be entirely honest. There are programs that could speed up your immigration procedures 100% legally. To begin with, you will have to fill out two declarations: The first one, for the Québec Selection Certificate, and the second one, for an application for permanent residence. It's important that you well understand and that you do it right, because if you don't properly provide adequate information, your situation might get more complicated.

Gloria: What could happen in that case?

Me Bienvenu: Well, your plans may be jeopardized. Immigration authorities may reverse their decision on a false declaration and besides, that could place a black mark on you throughout your whole life… That's why a lawyer's advice is very useful. I have experience and you are protected by the Barreau du Québec. You will never go wrong.

Gloria: Also, I'm not sure whether I will be studying full-time or part-time next semester and I'm wondering what is better for my file...

Me Bienvenu: I suggest that you make another appointment this week and sort all that out in strict confidence at my office.

Gloria: Thank you, Maître Bienvenu. I'm going to be able to sleep better… and especially, be able to fully concentrate on my studies!

Me Bienvenu: Yes, that's important! You're here in Québec a year now…. Are you going to celebrate that?

Gloria: Yes, with my friends… Do you have any restaurant suggestions?

Me Bienvenu: Near here, I can suggest a few…. But one more small reminder before your little celebrations: Any impaired driving is dangerous and must be avoided… Even when a person doesn't have his citizenship or his permanent resident visa, impaired driving is considered a criminal offence that is liable to immediate deportation. So it's very important that you be very, very careful…

Gloria: Oh, thank you! I appreciate the advice! I also wanted to talk to you a bit about my lease…

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