Lawyers providing immigration assistance

The Client-Lawyer Relation

The legal world may be intimidating at first—with its rules, codes, language, etc.—and, even more so, in another country. The lawyer's role is to guide you through this system and to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Your lawyer is there to work with you in order to seek out the best solution to get you out of an impasse or to prevent you from falling into one. And above all, consulting a lawyer at the right time can avoid many problems and financial losses for you, in all kinds of situations, including—but not only—immigration.

Good client-lawyer relations are based on confidence and communication. It is a teamwork effort that must be built on a solid foundation from the very start.

Consult the Barreau du Québec's website for more information on client-lawyer relations, lawyers' fees, the mandate you must give him, the fee agreement, preparation for the first meeting, the professional secrecy by which a lawyer is bound, etc.

You may also consult the pamphlet entitled We make it a point of law to guide you: Lawyer/client relations, published by the Barreau.

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