Lawyers providing immigration assistance

Types of Assistance

Depending on the various immigration-related situations, a number of types of assistance may be provided to you by a lawyer. Here is a summary of how a lawyer can help you:

Business immigration (investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers)

When you want to immigrate in order to invest or start up a business, a lawyer can:

  • advise you on the type of business to set up, based on your business needs
  • help you prepare various documents relating to your business development—for example, shareholder or partnership agreements
  • provide you with support in developing your business
  • advise you on the acceptability and adequacy of business projects or a business plan
  • judge whether your funds and your business experience meet the criteria of the law
  • advise you before signing an investment agreement

Family immigration

When you want to immigrate with your family or bring a member of your family to Canada, so that you can be reunited, a lawyer can:

  • advise you on the legal obligations related to signing an agreement involving a person you want to sponsor
  • check the requirements applicable to the guarantor
  • advise you on the criteria for recognizing common-law spouses or conjugal partners and members of the reunited family

Refugee protection immigration

When you want to immigrate to Canada in order to run away from your home country or from a situation that may endanger your life, a lawyer can:

  • advise you with regard to refugee or protection claims
  • help you with the various administrative procedures
    – pre removal risk assessment
    – humanitarian reasons
    – rehabilitation
    – detention procedures
  • help you obtain access to information

Temporary immigration (visitors, students and other temporary residents)

When you want to immigrate to Canada—and to Québec in particular—for a definite period of time, a lawyer can:

  • advise you on the criteria for granting a visa (a medical stay, for example)
  • prepare and fill out applications
  • help you extend your status or modify the conditions of your status

Lawyers can also provide immigration-related services to citizens and residents. They can give advice on:

  • the residency obligation under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • the rules of granting and revoking citizenship
    – recognition, by Canada, of dual nationality
    – the rules of granting or refusing passports
  • prepare and write
    – residence renewal applications
    – citizenship applications
  • take action before the courts, to appeal or seek a judicial review, regarding:
    – non-compliance with the residency obligation
    – refusal to grant citizenship
    – decisions to revoke citizenship
    – refusal to issue a passport

Source: Me Hugues Langlais, Le droit de l’immigration au Canada : un survol!, presentation to École du Barreau du Québec, 2007, updated 2011.

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